SMS Wurst

  • SMS Wurst is a SMS text message bulk system.
  • SMS Wurst buys huge amounts of text messages and therefore is able to offer its customers an attractive price.
  • Examples of companies that use SMS Wurst are transport companies sending notifications about their delivery times or security companies sending updates about their serveillance.
  • SMS Wurst is configurable in a way that certain text-messages can be sent at pre-defined times. Or that notifications can be sent within certain time frames. Or that outstanding messages can be updated.
  • It is also possible to connect your company's existing systems with SMS Wurst.
  • Messages can be sent as coming from your company address (From Address), so the recipient does not see that the message is sent from SMS Wurst but instead from your company.
  • SMS Wurst is used by small, but also by very large companies.
  • For administrators, we publish an on-line checklist with an overview of all sent messages.
  • SMS Wurst is available for any company that is interested in SMS communication.
  • An overview of our pricing you will find here.
  • Do you have questions? You can reach us here.